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9 Sleeping Positions to Improve Your Health and Life

Did you know? Your sleeping posture can have a significant impact on your health. It is estimated an average human being sleeps for about 25 years during his/her lifetime. Though scientists have not been able to come up with conclusive evidence to point out why does a human being need sleep, they have been successful in proving that an adult who sleeps for about 7-8 hours each night has much more healthier and efficient functioning of the body than the ones who are able to sleep only for say about 5-6 hours a night.

Until recently, experiments had not given much importance to the way we sleep, but now, the experts have found that our sleeping position can have a profound impact on our lives, especially, on our well being. Hence, to help you understand the importance of sleeping postures and their advantages we have compiled a list of 9 sleeping postures which can help you lead a healthy life.

Back pain

If you are suffering from back pain, the way you sleep can help you in eliminating the pain. Yes, you can pretty much solve the problem by sleeping the right way. WebMD states that you should lie down on your back to treat your back pain naturally. All you have to do is place a pillow under your knees, and also place a rolled up towel under the cover of your back and sleep in the same position for the night.

Shoulder pain

If you are suffering from pain in any of the shoulder, it is recommended that you sleep on your pain-free side of the shoulder with your legs pulled up slightly. Also, you can place a pillow in between in your knees and grab a pillow and place it near your chest.

Sinus Problem

Harvard Medical School has come out with a report which states that your sleeping posture can either be beneficial or cause more problems when you are suffering from a sinus infection. The school recommends you to sleep with your head elevated as much as possible. That is, place at least 3-4 pillows and sleep on it, as it restricts the pooling of mucus in your sinus which would otherwise take place when you sleep with your head down.


Surrounding your head with a pillow so that you don’t twist your neck during sleep can help in treating bad headaches. Hub’s Health Expert says that your sleeping position can have a direct impact (negative or positive) on your headaches. Hence, it is recommended that you sleep with a pillow around your head so that it prevents the head from turning.

PMS Pain

Ladies who are suffering from painful symptoms with regards to PMS can adopt a sleeping posture which can help in alleviating the pain. Women’s Health Magazineone of the leading authority on the topic, suggests that you can alleviate the pain by placing a pillow under your knees as it prevents your spine from arching too much.

High Blood Pressure

This is one of the most common problems reported all over the world. Ehime University School of Medicine came out with a report which stated that your sleeping posture plays an important role in your blood pressure. They reported that sleeping face-down can help in lowering the blood pressure by a significant margin.

Trouble with digestion

Sleeping on your left side is found to be actually good when it comes to solving problems related to digestion. As humans stomach are placed on the left side of the body‌, sleeping on the left side allows the gravity to aid digestive process and hence alleviates digestion problems.

Neck pain

Placing a rolled-up hand towel under your neck can prove to be a game changer when it comes to solving the problem of neck pain. adds that you can place the towel inside your pillowcase to ensure that it stays in place throughout the night.


Heartburn is known to disrupt sleep. People suffering from heartburn always complain about lack of sleep not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. In most of the cases, heartburn are caused due to indigestion and other similar causes, and hence it is recommended that you sleep on your left side to treat the problem.

You have to keep in mind that not all solutions given here would be useful to everyone. Hence, if your pain persists, even after following the procedure mentioned above, it is recommended that you visit a doctor or a sleep expert to get your problem solved. And in case it has helped you, please share your experience with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this wonderful piece of information with your near and dear ones.

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