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Ginger, Mint, Lemon Drink To Speed Up The Weight Loss Process

What do we not do in order to reduce weight? We involve ourselves in physical exercises such as skipping, jogging, walking, running, and also go for dieting and so on. Though most of us start the physical exercise with much rigor and enthusiasm, we feel bad if we don’t get immediate results. One of the things with human behavior is that we are not designed to wait for long for the results to appear. We are an impatient lot who work happily if we are able to get instant results. But if we do not get instant results, we lose interest in the process, and hence we discontinue the work that we start with much enthusiasm.

The same is the case when it comes to getting thinner, slimmer or fitter. Though we know, it takes time for the body to adjust to the new changes taking place and hence our body shape changes at its own pace, i.e., at a slow pace, but still, we want quick results.

Though we come up with updated New Year resolutions every year, one item in the list remains the same – weight loss. As mentioned earlier we start the year and the resolutions with much rigor and passion but as the year progresses, our enthusiasm dies down, and hence we unconsciously send a message to our brain that losing weight is a discouragingly difficult process. Most of us know the secret to lose weight, cut your calorie intake and increase the pace of physical activity. Though we move in the right track at the beginning of the year, the pace of our transformative journey seems to slow down with the passage of time.

Hence, we have found a ravishing beverage which is not only healthy but also can speed up the process of shedding extra pounds. Yes, this beverage is so beneficial that your body will start shedding weight right in the first 4 days itself.

Ingredients needed to prepare the beverage:

You would need 8 glasses of water, 1 tbsp of the grated ginger root, 1 sliced cucumber, 1 chopped lemon, and about 10-12 mint leaves to prepare the beverage.

Directions to prepare the beverage:

All you have to do is to put all the ingredients into a jar and keep it as it is for a night. By doing so, you are letting the ingredients to diffuse their nutritional value and fragrance into the water. In the morning take out all the ingredients that you have poured into the jar and drink it all day long. If you are not able to finish the whole drink in one day, you can store the rest of it in the refrigerator and drink it for the next four days.

Apart from drinking this beverage, you can also perform a few light exercises as it will aid in the weight shedding process. Drinking this beverage during or after performing exercises can help in boosting the pace of weight reduction process.

Please remember that this drink is for boosting your weight reduction process and not the one-stop solution for weight reduction. Hence, you should also follow your normal daily routine and drink this beverage as an add-on. You can also eat a lot more snacks which include, almonds, sunflower seeds, whole wheat crackers and also sliced apples. Multitasking is actually not beneficial for you as it can drain your energy and also make you lose focus. Also, you can add more weight to your strength training, sleep for an adequate number of hours and also try to follow the same routine every single day. One of the mental blocks when it comes to people with overweight is that they think not eating breakfast can help in weight loss, but in reality, it is counterproductive, i.e., rather than aiding weight loss it makes you gain more weight.

Also as with many other things in life, reducing weight is not only physical but also a mental challenge. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. First, start believing that you can change yourself from being overweight to being a person with desired weight. Once you start believing and start implementing your plans, you will be astonished by the extraordinary changes that takes place in the body.

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