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Why Personality Types Matter – Thotslife

I have a confession to make. I am absolutely obsessed with my Myers-Briggs test results. I’ve read every “What your MBTI test results mean” article I can find, and I’m constantly looking up my friends to try and better understand them.

Why am I so intrigued? Why does my personality type matter so much?

I think it’s more about me giving myself an opportunity to be introspective. I haven’t been doing much journaling lately, and that had previously been one of my ways to let myself assess a few things about my life. Very therapeutic. And while I can’t say reading articles like “Which Friends Character Are You Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type” are accomplishing quite the same thing, I am taking a moment to think about my tendencies and habits as an ESTP.

Want to know what your personality type is?

Take the 16Personalities test online. I had the opportunity to take the real Myers-Briggs test at work as part of a team-building sort of exercise, but this one should be just as good, I’d hope. (Plus, it’s free!)

I’m an ESTP, and they kick off that section with this Helen Keller quote: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” True dat, Helen.

So what are some things I’ve learned about myself after devouring this information about my personality type?

  • I tend to leap before I look. And while I don’t know that that’s true about every decision in my life (for example, school), I’ve done silly things like sold my car before I had any clue of what I was going to buy to replace it.
  • I might call people out without being sensitive about it. It’s true. If I think a friend is doing something stupid, I may try to keep my mouth shut for awhile … but eventually, my true and un-sugar-coated thoughts will come spewing out. I think it’s important for me to identify this, especially moving into a career that requires me to counsel people about weight and diet.
  • I’m passionate, energetic and a natural leader. This basically just confirms what I already kind of knew about myself, but I think it’s reassuring to understand.
  • Patience is not one of my stronger characteristics. Again, this is something I was already aware of, but it’s important for me to remember this. As the 16Personalities website says, “Slowing down because someone else ‘doesn’t get it’ or having to stay focused on a single detail for too long is extremely challenging for ESTPs.” I need to be cautious about this.

So, I urge you to take a personality type test and dig in! Turn your attention inward and learn a little bit about yourself. You never know how this self-awareness will benefit you in the future.

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