Friday, July 12, 2024

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The Extent London Has Gone to Make the Olympics Safe and Sounds

The scenario for the 2012 London Olympics is a far cry from what existed for the last Olympics in London back in 1948. The picture at that time was one of more than austerity, it had reached the point of rationing amongst its citizens. As for those who were competing, there were no new facilities like this go round. In fact, some of the athletes stayed in military huts in Richmond Park.

Even though Londoners are in austerity zone, funds to build major new sports venues have been available. In addition, close to fifteen billion in funds has already been spent upon grooming the capital for the event. Not to mention what has been funneled into providing free cultural activities to the visitors.

So, while things are meant to be on the thrifty side for the country, apparently some things can’t be downsized when under a microscope for the world to see. Some would say that if these measures create a higher level of safety for those involved, then it is worth every penny. Based upon the state of the world in this day, I would strongly agree.

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