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Eating Chocolate And Drinking Tea Or Coffee ‘Could Help You Live Longer’

There’s a growing consensus among the researchers and the experts on the subject of the variables which can help a person live longer. While a common man like me and you think that we have limited time and no matter what we do, we cannot extend the ‘time’. Scientists have found through various studies that a person can live longer if he/she is willing to act on some of the things that will have a positive impact on his lifespan. Experts have also shared the fact that not only a person young in age but a person who is aged or in his mid-age can also live longer by just taking necessary action. Apart from living longer, you can also change many of the variables that can define how active and vital you feel in the later stages of your life.

Scientists say that just by following certain basic rules, a person can dramatically increase his lifespan. According to Harvard Medical School, not smoking, indulging in physical and mental exercise, eating a healthy diet, intake of multivitamin on a regular basis, maintaining a healthy body and weight, having a strong social network, staying away from activities that can cause high blood pressure, osteoporosis or high cholesterol are some of the basic things one has to follow to lead a happier and longer life.

Apart from these basic activities, scientists have come up with conclusive evidence which reveals that eating chocolate, drinking tea or coffee and wine can actually help you live longer. The vital aspect being that one has to combine the above items along with a zinc supplement to reap the maximum benefits.

The researchers say that eating chocolates and drinking tea or coffee while taking zinc supplements activates a compound that slows down the ageing process, making you look younger than you actually are.

The researchers say that as compared to iron and copper, zinc is a safer supplement even at high doses and hence can be taken every day to help slow down the ageing process. The research suggests that as chocolates, tea and coffee are rich in antioxidants polyphenols, it can help you in combating the cell damage.

Researchers at the University of Erlangen – Nuremberg say that the cells produce a gas which has the potential to damage the DNA – oxidative stress, hence playing an important role in the ageing process. The polyphenols which are found in chocolate, tea and coffee have the power to fight against this damage, but it needs the help of zinc to effectively counter and nullify the negative effects of gas on the body and hence help you lead a longer life.

The gas which is produced as a waste product by the cells can also cause inflammation in the body which can lead to cancer and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

As polyphenols cannot break down this gas on their own, they need the support of zinc as the combination creates a ‘mega complex’ which has the power to not only break down the gas but also nullify the negative effect it can have on the ageing process of a human being.

The human body naturally uses iron and copper to break down the gas, but the problem is that too much intake of iron or copper can lead to liver problems, diabetes, heart failure and also high blood pressure. On the other hand, overexposure of Zinc can lead to nausea or change in taste bud at the max.

Hence the scientists feel that one has to take zinc as a supplement along with chocolate, tea or coffee, as it will not only help in breaking down the gas, but the person will also have to deal with fewer negative side effects if there are any.

Red meat, legumes, nuts, dairy products, eggs and whole grains are some of the products which are rich in zinc and hence can be taken as a supplement.

Wine is one another item which can be taken in combination with zinc to break down the gas, but the scientists warn that intake of alcohol of any kind will destroy all the positive effects of the combination meaning that one has to work only with alcohol-free wines.

Well, we have shared with you a secret to increase your lifespan with minimum effort, and now it’s time for you to do the same with your friends. Do let us know about your opinion on this post by commenting in the box below.

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