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Is The Apple Watch Worth The Hype?

The Apple Watch finally arrived in 2015. So many people were waiting for this for so long. Everyone knew it was coming, but no one knew what to really expect. As an avid watch nerd, its place in the market was always going to be difficult to gauge, but I took one for a spin, and thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

Of the 3 available models (Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Editon),  this one sits in the middle of the pack. With a stainless steel case and sapphire crystal face, it’s the closest model  to a standard wristwatch available from the brand. The 42mm size is a little deceptive, as it wears quite a bit smaller than you would expect, probably due to the integrated lug system (we’ll get to that in a minute), and rounded, rectangular case (in keeping with basically all Apple products).

Setting up the watch is a breeze. If you have a compatible phone, just open the app, and all the steps are outlined for you, getting you and your new toy started in just a few minutes.  It also syncs to your phone via Bluetooth, and as long your’re  within a reasonable Bluetooth distance (which is actually pretty far), you can use all the functions as intended.

The watch has stacks of cool functions, all available right there on your wrist, including text, email, phone calls, and even a camera function that links to your phone.  But this review isn’t about what the watch can and cannot do – reading any press release will tell you that. What a press release won’t tell you is how good it looks with a suit, or how comfortably it slides under a shirt cuff, or how incredibly snugly it fits to your wrist regardless of which strap or bracelet you put it on. 

Speaking of which, Apple wouldn’t be Apple if they didn’t design some very sleek accessories to go with their new watch. The range of straps and bracelets is extensive, with one of the best-designed link bracelets I’ve ever seen (watch brands included). The magnetic Milanese bracelet is a real winner as well, with its sleek, sophisticated design, and amazing ease-of use.  Changing straps literally takes seconds, and no extra tools are required. 

Overall, this is a watch for people on the go. Its fitness tracking capabilities are excellent, and checking emails and texts on the fly is a huge bonus for those who can’t be pulling phones out during work hours or  important meetings. The available range makes it easy to pick one that suits your lifestyle and budget, all without worrying about losing functionality. If you already can’t live without your iPhone, you’re going to love the Apple Watch. 

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