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How To Get That Perfect Smile

A sparkling white smile has never been more significant than it is these days. The importance of bright, white teeth is not just restricted to just a nice smile. It promotes self-esteem, confidence, positivity, happiness and trust, which are all very important traits to have in a time when social media has taken over and your smile is show to the world on a daily meetup.

There are many factors that will fight against your white smile, causing discolouration or staining. Some of these are a little harder to avoid than others, but most can be reduced to improve the discolouration. Age is a big contributing factor which unfortunately cannot be avoided but the main few things that will easily reduce staining are; quitting smoking, too much tea or coffee, sugary or fizzy drinks, highly coloured foods or red water and visiting your dentist regularly for cleaning.

As well as following all the above recommendations, the most effective way to whiten and brighten your smile is professional teeth whitening like Philips Zoom White Speed. You should only trust a dentist for teeth whitening. Depending on your budget a dentist can always give you a safe and effective solution. Once your teeth are whitened, a whitening toothpaste is great for keeping stains at bay.

Depending on your time or budget there are multiple ways to whiten your smile. The simplest, cheapest but not most effective way is with whitening toothpaste, oil pulling or over the counter whitening strips. These often produce a very minimal change but are a good start.

The ideal option is to contact a dental practice that offers teeth whitening, having this treatment done by a professional is extremely important. If you are short of time you can arrange to have a kit made for you to use in your own home. You will be able to monitor the whiteness and is also really good for sensitivity issues. If you would prefer the ‘get in get out’ options you can have the full treatment done there, usually done in an hour for instant results. 

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