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Scientists Found That Couples Who Really Love Each Other Tend to Gain Weight

“Yeah! You have Gained weight after marriage”, is common exclamation friends and relatives pass on when they meet a newly married couple after a time gap. Across the globe, it is observed that Weight gain is directly related to marriage. Though gaining weight may be for different reasons Scientists have done exhaustive research to figure out is that happiness of staying with spouse results in weight gain?

Here we have compiled research findings from various scientific groups whose findings are really interesting. But also there are few studies that rubbish the relationship between marriage and pound pack accumulation.

Finding 1 – Happy couple lose weight

Ying Chen, the researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, researched more than 2650 couples. He found out an interesting fact that a couple in a healthy relationship tends to gain less weight compared to those with fewer happiness levels. But he agrees that generalizing this finding is not easy.

Finding 2

The University of North Carolina carried out weight measurement experiments on more than 8000 people, and they inferred that a married woman on average gains 24 pounds in first 5 to 6 years of marriage and women who are dating but not living with their partners gained only 13 pounds. This trend was seen among men too as it was found that men who are married and living with their partners gained more than 25 pounds than men who did not live with their partners. Irrespective of weight gain loss theory one evident fact the research revealed was a drastic reduction in alcoholism and smoking was witnessed amongst married couples indicating many shifting modes to healthier habits.

Finding 3 – Weight gain can be contagious

A New England Journal of Medicine revealed in its research that weight gain could be contagious. According to the study if one partner gains weight automatically the other one too accumulated mass by nearly 37%. The factors attributed are both of them have the same eating habits and lifestyle which naturally affects the physique.

Finding 4 – Stress-free lifestyle leads to weight gain

According to research carried out by National Institute of Health USA on couples in wedlock for four years or more Those with less stress and emotionally balanced life shown a gain in weight while the ones with stressful life didn’t put up weight. One more finding of this research was that happy couple needn’t have to attract anyone and maintain a lean body and are happy the way they are. But those in an unsatisfactory relationship will be more worried about their looks.

To conclude we can say all these studies were primarily done to promote healthy lifestyle and reduce obesity amongst married couples. In this process, the study could also reveal the fact that majority of the couples gained weight due to the convergence of various factors and attributing ‘Happiness’ alone as the only factor for Weight Gain is incorrect.

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