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Harmful Effects Of Putting Mobile Phones In Your Pocket That You Should Know

Mobile phones have become such an important part of our life that we can’t even imagine being without them even for a day, let alone staying away from them for weeks or months. We used to dependent on alarm clocks, hand watch, phone book dairies, letters, and whatnot, before the advent of mobile phones. The evolution of this device has been so extraordinary that this one single device has replaced almost every single one of the items mentioned above and much more. This wonderful device has made the world much smaller by helping people all over the world get in touch with each other and stay connected forever.

While the mobile phone surely has lots and lots of advantages attached to them, like, helping us remember things, helping us with maps, helping us be with someone even when we can’t be physical with them and lots of other things. But this device also has its share of disadvantages, and some them are too dangerous for humans. We have probably completely ignored the disadvantages as we are happy about the fact that this small device acts as a one-stop solution for most of our problems. Well, its time we get to know some of the disadvantages of having a mobile phone so close to us the whole day.

Research has been successful in proving the fact that cell phone isn’t very safe for humans if they use it all day long and more importantly if they keep the device so close to them. Keeping mobile phone in our pant pockets is one of the ways in which we keep the cell phones close to us. If you’re one of those tech crazy humans who carry the phone in pocket, there are chances that you are doing so, because, you aren’t aware of the damage this practice can cause to you. Well, we have compiled a list of damages mobile phones can cause if you carry them close to you. Do read on to learn about them and get enlightened:

Effect on fertility

There have been research reports which claim that carrying the phone in your pocket can hit male fertility negatively as it is said to affect the spermatozoa. Though the research is in its initial stages, the conclusions have been come to after due diligence. Hence, it is better to keep the mobile phones far away and use them only when required.

The radiation of the mobile phones is said to have an impact on the sperm count and also motility. It is found that the radiation can reduce sperm count. The radiation of mobile phones can also lead to oxidative stress and can harm the DNA too.

Leads to cancer

There have been conclusive evidences which reveal the fact that carrying mobile phones in shirt pocket can Idramatically increase the risk of cancer.

Damage the tissues

One of the worst disadvantages of mobile phones is that it gives out non-ionizing radiation (radio waves) through an antenna. These waves may be absorbed by your tissues as if they are energy and can do harm to your tissues. Hence, it is recommended that you do not carry mobile phones close to your body.

Damage your cells and heat the tissues

Well, there’s no need for an explanation for this as each, and every one of us have experienced the heating sensation of the cell phone after prolonged use. Experts say that as mobile phones send and receive signals it cannot only heat the tissues over prolonged usage, it can also damage your cells in the long run.

Heart attacks and other related health issues

There are various risks that come with using mobile phones. The way you use the phone, the number of calls you make, the length of those calls, the distance between you and the phone, all of it can have a direct impact on your health as it can escalate the risk of heart attack or a damage to your brain and other organs of the body.

Erectile Dysfunction

A study conducted on the impact of carrying a cell phone on the reproductive organs found that men who carried mobile phones in switch on mode for a prolonged period of time may be at the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Though we are not in a position where we can ask you to completely stop using mobile phones, as we ourselves cannot do it, we can surely present before you the facts and let you decide what’s best for you. What’s funny is, you might be reading this post on your mobile, yet, we request you to give it a thought and at least stop carrying a mobile phone in your pocket and stay away from them as much as possible. Do leave a comment in the comments section below with your innovative ideas as to how can we stay away from mobile phones without being much bothered about it.

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