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Details For Travellers About Electric Zebra Cigarettes

While seated indoors at a café yesterday, something caught my eye. I did not know at the time anything about Electric Zebra cigarettes but now I sure do. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman smoking what looked like a cigarette at the table next to me, but what was most peculiar was that I did not smell it. Now, I believe my sense of smell to be my greatest sense, so this left me curious.

Oh yes, I might also add that the cigarette was decorated in a Zebra stripe pattern, which again was not something I had seen before. I refrained from saying anything, as it was not bothering me, but waited for the waitress to lay into her. Then came the greatest surprise, the waitress and she had a pleasant conversation, of which I could hear every word, and no mention of the smoking was made. So, yes, curiouser and curiouser. I became.

Then, I thought perhaps she might be a celebrity, for why else would the no smoking rule be relaxed for this lady? Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to know who this famous person was, so I turned around and inadvertently made direct eye contact. Nope, not a clue who she could be. Finally, she left and I could outright ask the waitress for her name.

Turns out, she is just a regular customer, and she was smoking an electric cigarette. Apparently the wait staff is very familiar with those, and since my waitress must have thought I was complaining, I got an earful. I learned that these e-cigarettes produce no second hand smoke, so they are legal to use everywhere and anywhere (clubs, pubs, and even public transport). That’s when it hit me that this could be some relevant info to pass on to my travel blog followers.

So here goes with some additional pertinent info on the Electric Zebra electric cigarettes to think over. They will give you the same nicotine impact of a regular cigarette, but are lacking all of the fifty substances that have been related to the cause of cancer in the tobacco filled cigs. The e-cigs produce an odour free vapour instead of the harmful, much protested against smoke. So there is nothing for the people around someone using an e-cig to be concerned about and they can feel at ease once they’ve seen the zebra pattern and the definitive green LED light. Hence, if you smoke, these could be a great alternative both at home and when on trips.

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