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The Loden Hotel – Vancouver

There comes a time for many travellers, where hotel visits become a little too. Groundhog Day. Despite the luxury, after a while they can roll into one another, bringing forth a desire for something that feels a bit more like home. This is exactly the delicate combination The Loden Vancouver has managed to execute.

The beauty of this hotel is in the detail. This family-owned, single-location establishment has worked hard to make its premises feel like a home away from home while still very much being a luxurious stay. Having asked a few Vancouver locals about The Loden prior to arrival, not much came up. It seemed to fly under the radar a bit. This was confirmed upon our stay when soaking in its subtle nature, something that evidently speaks to the many ‘A List’ celebs who take up residence when in town. This guest can attest to one, in what was an awkward fanboy moment.

Set in the convenient and vibrant area of Downtown, The Loden encourages its guests to experience the city, with bikes on hand to tour local areas, including the beautiful Stanley Park, and an old de-commissioned London Cab to taxi guests around the city. These subtle, yet inviting details are second to none, and the service from the staff made it feel like they were genuinely there to ensure the most comfortable stay possible. The hotel is also home to the adjacent eatery Tableau, a favorite of many locals for its French-inspired cuisine and bar scene; a standalone dining experience.

In the end what made this stay for me was the hotel’s dedication to ensuring a relaxed and refreshing visit. Staying on the specialised second floor, the ‘Garden Sanctuary’, with a terrace calmly being overlooked by miniature Buddhas, this was the ideal place to experience a trip to Vancouver. The subtle homely nature, which can be felt from the doorbells each room has, to the welcoming of pets, means a booking at The Loden is as essential to Vancouver visitors as a passport and a definite Men’s Fashion Blogger recommendation.

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